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We All Have a Super Power and an Invite to Join a Vision Board Class

I love words.  I especially love words when they combine into incredibly, awesome
quotations! Always on the lookout for that special quotation that gives meaning to my
life, I found today's while watching NBC's "The Today Show" yesterday morning.

"Creativity is the greatest superpower of all."  Dav Pilkey, author of the children's
book series Captain Underpants.

WOW!! Pause and let those words swirl around in your consciousness for a few
minutes. (Yes, I am talking to YOU!)

Your life is the blank canvas upon which your Creativity Super Power is free to
be it's creative best. It is NEVER to late to create your BEST life!  Especially now that
you know you have SUPER POWERS! 

Tonight at Bloom Art Studio, the inaugural Artist's Way class members are coming back
together to CREATE a Vision Board.  On this night of a Black Super Moon, the stage is
set to unleash the Super Powers of Creativity!  Come join in the fun!  The Vision Board class
is from 6-9…
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Coming to Bloom Art Studio---The Summer of 69

Remember the lyrics from Bryan Adams' song, "Summer of 69"?

                        Oh, when I look back now
                        That summer seemed to last forever
                        And if I had the choice
                        Yeah, I'd always wanna be there
                        Those were the best days of my life

Still sound sweet and maybe bring back some memories?
 Or are you a groovy, flower child at heart and wish you could have been at
the Woodstock Festival "Three Days of Peace and Music?"
Dig out the tie-dye then because in the month of August,  you will be able to step back in time and join  in...

 Bloom Art Studio's 50th Anniversary of Woodstock!

All August long there will be new Art Themes celebrating the Summer of '69
as well as Rock & Roll!

More news, class schedules and previews of the GROOVY ART available to paint next month!!

Bloom Art Studio Supply Shopping Fun, Mermaid Tails, and Creativity Celebrated

Who doesn't love the thrill of a really good sale?  Especially, when that sale involves supplies essential to the running of an Art Studio!  Michael's store are in the middle of a massive clearance sale-both in-store and online.  Emily found excellently reduced prices on paint and paintbrushes.  Hurray for sales that will benefit all current and future art class creations!  Check out the sales before they disappear into retail oblivion!  Oh. And yes, be prepared to step into the months of September, October and November... you walk through the door.

Yesterday, Summer Art Enthusiasts (also known as students)"dived" into some under the sea fun as Ava taught an Introduction to Water Colors class.  The end result?  Shimmering, mermaid tail creations ready to be displayed on a wall!  One artist enjoyed a special surprise as she painted--the astonishing realization that she was indeed CREATIVE at the wonderful experienced age of 78!  Bloom Art is thrilled to be the …

The Artist's Way Workshop is coming to Bloom Studio

Are you asking yourself any of these questions? Am I experiencing all there is in my life? What is creativity? Where did my creativity go? My life is in transition--what do I do next?
Join in the Artist’s WayWorkshop--a cluster of like-minded individuals who are desiring to experience more out of life, discover or recover their creativity, experiencing transition in their personal or work life, or simply want to shine their creative light more at home, work, or play.
This eight-week class will assist participants in jump starting their own creativity while being part of a nurturing community of women exploring Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.
Class members will gather once a week for 8 weeks, to develop strength in using the “tools” of Morning Pages, Artist’s Dates and other acts of creativity, share in book chapter discussions and celebrate while giving witness to each member’s journey toward creativity.                                                                ----------…

Introducing new members of our Bloom Crew!

We are so excited to announce the placement of  4 new teachers who will be putting their artistic talents to good use teaching classes and conducting art parties at Bloom.

Heather Rojas Mom of 3 awesome kids- she likes to spend her free time playing silly board games, reading, and of course, making art! She loves finding new objects to paint on- from rocks, to flower pots, to house walls - and is always up for a new art challenge! 

Annie Wilson

We have new blooming aprons!

We finally have all our new aprons in sewn from colorful, 'blooming' fabrics.  The aprons were made by Christy Berger,  a wonderful seamstress from Bozeman, Montana.  She is an old friend of Bloom's owner, Emily, who commissioned her to create a slew of colorful coverings for both adults and kids.
They are most excellently made with a large pocket in front to hold a paint brush or two.  They are certainly a cheerful addition to the studio.

If you ever need anything made from fabric, please give Chris a call.  She can do almost anything!

 Pretty new aprons made from Amy Butler Fabrics
 Our kids aprons have a beautiful 'Picasso-y' design.
Liam is wearing our Picasso-y apron.
Christy's Craft Corner (Bozeman, Mt.)  406-209-3248 Etsy- ChristysCraftGoods

My word for 2019

This March I will be 56  years old.  When I was a kid, I thought being in your 50’s was so old.  Now that I am living this age, I don’t see it that way.  Inside, I feel like that same little girl who thought being in your 50’s is old.  I feel young.  I feel happy and eager to learn new things.  Like the saying goes, “You are only as old as you feel.” I want to begin to learn more.  A few months ago I started watching the program, ‘Universe,‘ with my husband.  This show is revealing to me a lot of the mysteries of the universe I was always fascinated over and completely in the dark about.  ‘Universe’ is also turning me on to science.  It’s thrilling to watch and learn.  It’s invigorating to actually have something explained so well you can understand it.  For this reason, I want to make my word for 2019, ‘learn.‘  Learning is going to be paramount in my life this year.  I intend to set aside blocks of time to read daily, whether it be before bed or in little snippets during the day li…