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Covid 19 Strikes Close To Bloom

I traveled back to Florida at the beginning of June with my son David to take care of a few things at our house and to enjoy a little time away.  We had heard that Florida was beginning to spike again with their Covid 19 cases. Shortly after we arrived in Clearwater, my son went out to the local sports bar two times,  about three days apart.  It was about six days later that he started with a dry cough and the following day he woke up with a really bad headache, body aches and a fever.  I made him go get tested because I was due to fly home that week and I did't want to bring the virus home to my husband or my other adult kids who still live at home with us.  His test result came back positive the day I was due to fly out.  I cancelled my flight (thank you Southwest Airlines!) and assumed the worst was going to happen, despite the fact that we both wore masks and stayed apart from each other while we waited for his results to come in. I was about 3 days behind David when I sta